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Google News Compatible RSS Feeds

GN Publisher makes RSS feeds that comply with the Google News RSS Feed Technical Requirements 

for including your site in the Google News Publisher Center.

Why choose us?

The plugin addresses common RSS compatiblity issues publishers experience when using the Google News Publisher Center, including:

Incomplete articles

Incomplete articles will be analyzed and can be rejected to make it to the feeds section.

Duplicate images

Images contribute a major role,but duplicate images can ruin the SEO score.

Cached RSS feeds causing slow updating

When the RSS feeds are cached there will be slow updation of the blog feeds.

Title errors

This can play a vital role in making difference in the SEO which will affect the feeds.

Delayed crawling by Google

Due to multiple error reportings and lack of information present on your feeds.


Get regular updates and support for this plugin through our experienced support team.

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Frequently Asked Question's

How can I get help with this plugin?

If you need help with the plugin or anything related to the RSS feeds that are created, please ask on the official WordPress GN Publisher plugin support forum.

Google News turned my site down, where can I get help with that?

If you need help because your site has been turned down by Google, or you need other help related to the Google News Publisher Center, please ask for help on the official Google News Publisher Help Forum.